Monday, November 17, 2008

One Stop Fixxit Shop

Best roadside frame repair in the business!


Richie said...

And a fine T-shirt to boot!
I'm thankful my cell phone has a hand crank...otherwise the phone number would be no good to me.

Cain said...

"Yes Operator, could I have Klondike 5-5-2?. Hi Aunt Mabel?"

Paul said...

Hey, I fixed shit there once!

Cain said...

I should've clarified that they do sub out some of their welding.

I knew the guy was a master welder when I saw him put on his "pasta strainer" welding hood.

KnuckleBuster said...

Hey, thanks guys.

I think things would be a lot better if we still had switchboard operators. There'd be no need for "texting" we could all get our gossip from the cute girls with the handsful of wires!