Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The S&S X-Wedge is a 56-degree, closed-loop fuel-injected, three-cam, overhead valve v-twin designed to deliver the performance expected of an S&S engine, while complying with EPA laws. Not a conventional 45-degree engine, the 56-degree v-twin X-Wedge utilizes three belt-driven, large base-circle cams; two exhaust cams and a common intake cam achieve almost straight pushrod angles that combine with automotive-style rockers and roller tappets to create an incredibly quiet, EPA noise conscious valve train. The X-Wedge is actually 5db quieter than a 41/8” S&S 117ci engine from 2000rpm through 5000rpm!

Induction on the X-Wedge is done with the new S&S single-bore throttle body pumping fuel and air into a wedge shaped combustion chamber contained in a head with a five stud bolt pattern and increased fin area for maximum cooling abilities. By design the X-Wedge got its name from its cross-wedge combustion chamber—designed so that the intake and exhaust ports are in alignment with the valve stem plane to maximize performance. The head has the fuel injector mounted directly in it to improve injector aim for even more efficient combustion.

The cylinders use the five-bolt pattern, have no oil return holes and are common design for front or rear placement. Their round shape reduces bore distortion and computer designed progressive fin spacing increase the cylinders cooling capabilities. The cylinders are die-cast over the most aggressive liner seen in the industry to ensure heat transfer and permanent adhesion between the cast iron liners and the aluminum that surrounds them.

(From S&S Publications)

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