Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Hate Work

Here's a few pictures from my drive to work today. I already have 50 hours and I get called out on a Saturday to drive to New Hampshire the morning after a storm to "Check if our power got shut off because we didn't pay the bill". I hate being on call and subcontracting for another company. I tried to explain that it was over 2Hrs away and I most likely wouldn't be able to get access because of the snow. They didn't care and said it was a "Priority". Yeah, must be nice when you're sitting in 75 degree weather in Mississippi and force a tech to go out in 15 degree weather to check if power's on at a site. Man I need that job.

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KnuckleBuster said...

What would have been funny is getting to the site and finding that Paul was the guy without power.... Silly New Hampshire.