Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chris Reeve- Sebenza

My all time favorite knife. I've been carrying a small classic Sebenza for almost 5 years since I've gotten it. It is bar none, the knife that all others are measured against. Cutler Chris Reeve (not Christopher Reeve, aka: Superman) has defined what a knife should be when he created the intergral lock, also known as the frame lock.

The sebenza (which means "worker" in Africa, where Chris is from) is simple in design, yet extremely elegant in operation. It uses full titanium handle slabs, a full bushing pivot, and the lockbar has a hardened face. Current line-up uses Crucible's S30V steel, which was actually created by Crucible with input from Chris. I could go on and on about the Sebenza (and in fact, all of Chris' knives) but there is just too much. Check out the website and do a search on the interwebs, and you'll find a wealth of information. If you ever want to check mine out, just ask. Chances are, I'll probably be carrying it.

Oh, and I forgot to add: He also used to race Grand Prix style motorcycles in the late 70's


the good captain said...

Knife blogs stink.

Cain said...

Ha! No worries there Doodie Pickle. I gots some bike stuff coming. It's all about anticipation. (That, and I'm still waiting for some stuff)