Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Richie said...

Alright, I'm gonna try something different here.
I'm posting a comment BEFORE I hear this....uh..."tunage".
Now, from the video still I have no idea who this is, or what you are getting me in to.
Judging solely on looks, he's obviously a has been, based on his insistence of not getting a damn hair cut.
Just 'cause you have the same hairdo you did at 21 doesn't make it right.
If I were to judge (not that I really am mind you, maybe this is the greatest thing in the world and I just don't know about it)on his body type, I'd say he's not starving.
That leads me to think he's had some kind of moderate success....and the absence of any kind of "Guitar Face" leads me to believe he could even be a seasoned professional.
Keep in mind however, people like Mark Knopler and Steve Miller are also considered "Seasoned Professionals" and they make me want to burn myself alive.
So, Mr. Cain, my standing policy of not making fun of you over the inter-tubes hangs in the balance....and this "balance" better not be longer than 2 minutes long......

Richie said...

22 seconds....
I lasted 22 seconds....and that was about 10 seconds of paralyzing disbelief.
The Allman Brothers?!?!?!
the God Damned Allman Brothers?!?!?!?
You can turn on any given radio station and hear them till you're ears bleed...and you not only look for them on Youtube but find something of their's that's fairly recent?!?!?!?
THIS is exactly why it's good to know when to say "When".
We've learned nothing from Elvis's Vegas years?

Cain said...

HAHAHAHA! Excellent. Hey, what can I say, I like the song. I couldn't tell you any other songs they sing unless I heard them, so no, I'm not really an Allman Bros. fan.

I wanted to post the opening scene of Devil's Rejects from Rob Zombie, where there's a bunch of killing, maiming, and general tomfoolery while this song plays, but I figured you'd rip on me even more.

I guess the plus is that, no I couldn't turn on the radio and hear this playing on any given channel because I don't listen to the radio. I find the radio has gone the way of MTV, where the actual music is no where to be found. (Unless of course you want to PAY to listen to music: Ie. Sirius) I actuallt detest the radio.

As for You Tube, well I just picked the first one that popped up. If I had picked the version the Wylon Jennings sang, would that have been a better choice? :)

This is why we're friends. I live to torment you with horrible music and bad videos! I'm getting you a copy of "Pinkiller" for you next birthday.

Cain said...

"Actually" , and "Painkiller"

I suXX0r at the spell1nGz