Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I just got a call from the machine shop about my heads. They were in the process of reassembling them and needed to know if my drivetrain was all stock or not, so they could set my valve spring height. Come to find out, that they needed to shim the valve springs and they were wondering if I had the shims? Funny, because those heads haven't been apart since the last shop did them, and I didn't take any shims out when I disassembled them. Apprently the spring height was incorrect. Guess it goes to show that Ironheads can be pretty forgiving since I had been running them like that for approximately 12K miles.

The good news is that they're assembeling the heads now, shimming the spring heights, and I should be able to pick them up Saturday. The other thing, is that they didn't need to replace the valve and guide that I thought was whacked. Seems again, the previous shop left the valve to guide clearance too small, and that's what caused the overheating/carboned up/stuck valve. Bummer I spent $$ on a new valve and guide, but it's cool since now I got spares and I learned me sumthin.

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