Sunday, February 15, 2009

Screw Vince, I Hate Whitman Po-Po

The only thing worse than Vince from Shamwow, is the tub of uselessness from the Whitman Police that gave me a $150 ticket today. Not only was I not going as fast as he stated, he was a condescending jerk to boot. I haven't been pulled over or had a traffic violation in over 13 years, and I was going about 5 over when I got pulled over today. I was very polite and really thought I was gonna get a warning if anything at all. Next thing I know, the guy comes back and hands me a ticket for speeding and goes back to his cruiser. I look at the ticket and he gets me for 55 in a 40!!!


Looks like a couple days off from work and trip to the Magistrate and Courthouse. (Insert glaring look here)

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