Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not Dead Yet

Well, I haven't updated for a while but just to answer a few questions:

1. No, I'm not dead yet but I'm sure people wished otherwise

2. No, I haven't joined a Ukranian circus

3. I'm not Batman

4. I rule

5. A monkey did not bite my face off

6. No, I was not involved in a horrible boating accident that left me in a hospital for the last month with amnesia.

Really, I've just had a string of unfortunate events lately that have left me bummed out and stressed. Nothing that won't turn around. In any case, I leave you with this:


the good captain said...

And I screwed up a perfectly good T-bone by cooking in the dark. Hope that didn't ruin your weekend!

Cain said...

Haha! Not at all. I love when your wife invites me over to eat the food you work so hard for. :)

And yes, that ride was very much needed. Mucho gracias senor!

Richie said...

I figured you've just been busy with work.
Life as a woman's hand model can be hectic.

the good captain said...

Thanks for pushing him over the edge, Richie.

Richie said...

I know, I know....I'm sorry.
I couldn't help it.

Cain said...

You guys won't be laughing when my hand-modeling career takes off!!!!

KnuckleBuster said...

Good to hear from you!

I started getting worried...

Cain said...

Thanks Jay, since you seem to be the only one that doesn't make fun of my freakishly small hands, I'm taking you with me when I go all the way to the top for America's Next Top Hand Model!