Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Paint Fo Yo Face

Got some paint done today on the new tank. couple coats of prime, acrylic laquer of different colors, and some wet sanding, and this is where we're at. Still needs another wet sanding, and then some clear coats, but looks just like I wanted.

I also couldn't resist setting it on the frame. Still need to get it into a roller form, so Tigman can see where everything sits, and get the oil tank and battery tray mounted. (May see if he wants to mount the fender too)

She's coming along............

Oh, and another rad tattoo pic. Paul, is this one of your's?


Richie said...

That's gonna look great!!
Now you're going to HAVE to keep your chrome shiny!!

Cain said...

Chrome?! What is this word you speak of?

Thanks Richie. Been a little busy with the bike, but it's coming along. How's the Honda?

(will shoot you a call later)


Paul said...

Paint looks nice...and tha ttattoo? Shit, that's serious commitment to a bicycle.

...adn no, they're too wide for me.

Cain said...

I figured if they weren't T-Bars, they weren't your's.

Thanks for letting me take that Crazy for Swazy tattoo picture of you leg though. A lot of people said they like it........