Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Precision? Yikes!

So, you like precision instruments? Check this out. I'm good with the small stuff, but this is waaaay beyond my scope of work. (And yes, I like watches too)

Click Here
(scroll down the link, and you get to see some cool pictures)

Friday, April 24, 2009


Edited for my being a partial douchenugget. I talked to the guy that actually owns this bike, and while not my thing, he seems like a pretty decent fella. Certainly seems to know what he's talking about, and he rides quite a bit. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

S&S Still Growing

Got this bit of news today. Weird, another big merger/aquisition. I guess S&S wants to eventually be your one stop shop for motorcycle products. Either that, or Crane just wasn't making any money in the motorcycle industry. S&S also aquired all Crane's automotive electronics too......

S&S Cycle
Press Release

April 23, 2009

Viola, Wisconsin. S&S Cycle announces the acquisition of certain assets of Crane Cams Inc. Those assets include the inventory, intellectual property, and trademarks for all Crane automotive and motorcycle electronic products and for Crane motorcycle valve train products. The intellectual property portion includes designs, drawings, and cam profiles. Crane automotive valve train products are not included in this acquisition. Crane Cams was founded in 1953, and like S&S Cycle, founded in 1958, it has become a respected and iconic brand in the high performance industry.

S&S intends to continue to sell Crane products through the same distributors and dealers who have sold them in the past. To that end, they will establish a new facility in Daytona Beach, Florida to manage the business and provide customer service and technical support. This new facility will be staffed by many of the same personnel that Crane customers have worked with in the past, providing as seamless a transition as possible. While there may be some shortages of product in the near future, the Crane/S&S team will be working hard to fill back orders and meet future demand for Crane ignitions and motorcycle valve train components.

Since the acquisition does not include the Crane facility or equipment, manufacturing of valve train products will be moved to the S&S manufacturing facility in Viola, Wisconsin. S&S CEO George Smith comments: “The addition of this product line is a natural fit for our current in-house cam manufacturing capabilities as our equipment and processes are state of the art. We’re also excited that the highly successful Crane motorcycle and automotive electronics line is included with this acquisition. This will further strengthen S&S Cycle in the electronics field by providing additional expertise to improve our product offerings in late model ignitions, among other things."

S&S Cycle has been a leading manufacturer of Proven Performance v-twin motorcycle components and engines for nearly 50 years. George Smith and Stanley Stankos founded the company in 1958 in Blue Island, Illinois. Shortly after the founding of S&S, George, and his wife Marjorie (whose maiden name was also Smith), bought out Stanley Stankos and Smith & Stankos became Smith & Smith (S&S). In 1969, S&S moved from Blue Island to Viola, Wisconsin and expanded to La Crosse, Wisconsin in 2004. More information can be found at www.sscycle.com).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For Richie

I know how much Richie likes working on 35+ year old bikes, so this one's for him.

Since I had the heads off and I had to do a rear cylinder base gasket, I thought I'd lower my pistons and take a little peeksy to see how my cylinder walls looked. I had been hoping to just pop the wrist pin circlip and pull the rear jug with the piston inside it to cheat a little and not have to do rings.

Well, I checked the front cylinder thinking everything was gonna be fine, and lo and behold, we has some light scuffing/scoring. Looks like something snuck in there and decided to leave it's mark. I probably could've gotten away with leaving it alone for now, but I decided that since I already had it down this far, a good honing and a set of rings couldn't hurt.

I pulled the jugs and myself and the Good Captain dropped them down at the local speed shop (Reids Automotive) for a little freshening up. They're the same guys that did my heads, and Jim Sr. is a cool cat to chat with. He walked myself and Bawb around the shop and let us check out all the cool machine tools. Babes in Toyland it was, ayup.

So here's where the motor stands right now. I hope to have it all back together within a week, if all goes smoothly and I get all my parts ordered up. Beauty of a sight, ain't it Richie? :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Just a couple teaser shots. Word thunderturds....