Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For Richie

I know how much Richie likes working on 35+ year old bikes, so this one's for him.

Since I had the heads off and I had to do a rear cylinder base gasket, I thought I'd lower my pistons and take a little peeksy to see how my cylinder walls looked. I had been hoping to just pop the wrist pin circlip and pull the rear jug with the piston inside it to cheat a little and not have to do rings.

Well, I checked the front cylinder thinking everything was gonna be fine, and lo and behold, we has some light scuffing/scoring. Looks like something snuck in there and decided to leave it's mark. I probably could've gotten away with leaving it alone for now, but I decided that since I already had it down this far, a good honing and a set of rings couldn't hurt.

I pulled the jugs and myself and the Good Captain dropped them down at the local speed shop (Reids Automotive) for a little freshening up. They're the same guys that did my heads, and Jim Sr. is a cool cat to chat with. He walked myself and Bawb around the shop and let us check out all the cool machine tools. Babes in Toyland it was, ayup.

So here's where the motor stands right now. I hope to have it all back together within a week, if all goes smoothly and I get all my parts ordered up. Beauty of a sight, ain't it Richie? :)


Paul said...

You shooting for Summer of 2010 with this thing or what?

Cain said...

She looks worse off than she is. Couple weeks I'm thinking. I'm pretty much just waiting on that fender from Craig, and some reassembly.

That, and the glow in the dark paint I ordered for the frame........

KnuckleBuster said...

I had to reply to this just because the verification word was "untmedic"

Richie said...

Work is freedom.

Cain said...

Work is prison. If it were fun, it wouldn't be called "work" Apparently you've ben working too much! :)

Word Verification: Props

I give Richie mad props for 'working' unlike my neighbors that don't "work" and live off my taxes.