Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Precision? Yikes!

So, you like precision instruments? Check this out. I'm good with the small stuff, but this is waaaay beyond my scope of work. (And yes, I like watches too)

Click Here
(scroll down the link, and you get to see some cool pictures)


Paul said...

The one piece of machinery I've never had apart is my Submariner....

Cain said...

That's one I might leave to the professionals!

Eh, someday I may join the ranks. I dig the GMT Master II also.

Paul said...

I bought one NEW about 12 years ago, $3200. Got Karen a Datejust too.

Sold mine like an ASSHOLE, and finally bought another one that was a year old a little while back, $4200.

Get onboard soon!

Cain said...

I'd love to. Definitely something I'm putting in my arsenault at some point. Autos are such an amazing piece of machinery. Heck, the Sub was good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for me!