Monday, May 18, 2009

Standing On It's Own

Well, the top end is buttoned up and done and I got the bike standing on it's own tonight. I need to have someone help me drop the mill into the frame so I can finish it up (basically the starter parts/housing, genny, and pushrods), do the wiring, and clean it up (left a bunch of smudges and a couple chips in the paint that need touch up)

It'd be great if I could sometime eventually get the rear fender from Front Street so I could actually finish the bike and ride it soon. Not including the fender, I think I'm still on schedule to have this done within a week.


KnuckleBuster said...

Sorry to hear about the fender, but glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Bike looks pretty sharp, man.

Cain said...

Thanks mang, she's coming along. Nothing special, just plain and simple.

Bawb told me about your mishap too, and I guess we weren't the only ones. Nothing like waiting 6 months for a fender I paid for in December. :)

I assume we'll see you soon?